All issues must be dealt with in a holistic manner in order to achieve a result

President Mustafa Akıncı underlined that the Greek Cypriot leadership’s new stance revealed at the meeting held on 17th May which included preconditions contrary to the previous agreements cannot yield any results.

The statement of President Akıncı is as follows:
Cyprus problem has six chapters and the two sides have agreed that the said chapters would be negotiated interdependently.
If the two sides want to achieve a result at this stage, we must proceed by taking up all outstanding issues in a holistic manner and focusing on the big picture.  This should certainly include the issues of Security and Guarantees.  
Discussing the security dimension of this issue is also important for the Turkish Cypriots.  In fact it is more important than the Greek side thinks.
 However, the new approach adopted by the Greek Cypriot leadership on 17 May- let’s conclude the security issues first and then conclude the Territorial Adjustment. And then, we can move on to complete the remaining 4 chapters" is absolutely unacceptable.  Besides being contrary to the previous agreements, this new approach is not well- intentioned and is not solution-oriented.  Reiteration of the precondition put forth by the Greek Cypriot leader and his spokesperson on a daily basis will not yield any result.