“I condemn the decision of the Greek Cypriot Parliament”

President Mustafa Akıncı made a statement regarding the Greek Cypriot Parliament’s decision to commemorate of the enosis referendum in public schools.

President said:

“I  condemn the Greek Cypriot Parliament’s decision to introduce an annual commemoration in public schools of the 1950 enosis referendum in the year 2017.
Even if the decision was adopted by ELAM's proposal, it is known that Disy voted in the committee. Moreover, only AKEL rejected the decision in the General Assembly while Disy abstained from voting.

Although the Parliament’s decision was taken with 19 votes only, it can jeopardize the efforts for a solution in Cyprus.
During a time when Cyprus negotiation has entered the final phase , we are trying to set a date for the 2nd 5 party conference (on Cyprus), attempts to keep ENOSIS alive through a decision of the Greek Cypriot Parliament are not acceptable.  
This very dangerous message given to the Greek Cypriot youth with this decision will only serve to deepen the already existing mistrust among the Turkish Cypriots.
Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades should publicly oppose the decision and revoke the said  decision adopted with the joint action of DISY-which purports to support a federal solution in Cyprus- and AKEL.