“If our common concern is public health, we can meet at a common point”

President Mustafa Akıncı announced that he invited the leaders of the political parties represented in the Parliament and the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Friday to convene in order to discuss the date of Presidential election, which was postponed to 11 October due to necessity.

President Akıncı stated that during this meeting, he will bring up holding the election at the earliest possible without risking public health. President Akıncı also said that he will propose that the first round to be held on August 16 and the second round on August 23. 

“If our common concern is public health, we can meet at a common point,” the President said. “After all, this election will be made by the will of the public, if not today, tomorrow. This decision does not change the result in a few months. I think if this does not happen, it will not be easy to overcome the problems.” He expressed belief that the parties will seriously consider the election to be held at the most appropriate and right time that will not risk public health. President Akıncı further said that removing the election from the social agenda will enable more concentration on the economic and social issues. President Mustafa Akıncı, answering the questions during a programme he attended on BRT, stated that what recently has occupied the agenda of the public and the Prime Minister is the arrival of a group of businesspersons in the country by private plane. “I clearly expressed in today’s meeting (with Mr. Tatar) that in this regard the public is awaiting a satisfying and convincing explanation from the Prime Minister as the head of the government,” the President added. 

Stating that there are acceptable and non-acceptable issues in terms of the public conscience and there are issues that are in need of an explanation, President Akıncı said: “For people who have to go and work in the south, we will tell them if they come back, they will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days or they will stay there. We will demand strict measures for a place where the pandemic is under control, on the other hand, 8-10 people will arrive on the island by an airplane and this will be named as an investment and called an investigation visit. The project owner, who is the Mayor, will not be aware of the matter. The Ministry of Health will say that they come to the island on condition that they enter into the central quarantine, but there will be no such thing as quarantine. I will not engage in various speculations and gossips. I am waiting for the detailed report we requested from the General Directorate of Police. The head of the government and its partners should make appropriate decisions regarding this situation. I expect the head of the government and its partners to take steps to ease the conscience of the public.”