Gürdal Hüdaoğlu - Presidential Undersecretary


Gürdal Hüdaoğlu was born in Nicosia, in 1973. He continued his secondary and high school education in 20 Temmuz Fen Lisesi in Nicosia after graduating from Alayköy Primary School.

He graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Communication, the Department of Journalism in 1995.

He worked as a journalist  and then he became the Editor-in-chief of Ortam newspaper and Hürriyet Kıbrıs newspaper.

He has a Master's in Journalism and a PhD in Communication from the same university. His doctoral thesis is on "Political Transformation in Cyprus: From the public square to the media."

In 2000, he became a faculty member at the Near East University (NEU). At various times, he served as Head of Department of Journalism and Vice Dean at NEU's Faculty of Communication.

His academic work focused mainly on the History of Communication, Communication Ethics and Political Communication, he also thought on these subjects at the University.

During his time as a lecturer, he did not leave journalism completely and published articles in Halkın Sesi, Star Kıbrıs and Haberdar. For a certain period of time, he issued a magazine called "On".

From 2002 to 2006, he served as a member of the Board of Directors in the Supreme Broadcasting Board. He was the Vice President of Media Ethics Council founded in 2013.

He served in board of directors, as founder or as member in various organisations, associations and foundations.

He has a published a book called "Maytap Çağı".

He is married with two children.