President Akıncı examined the work at the Aplici crossing point

President Akıncı has visited the Aplici crossing point today to examine the work carried out and received information from the authorities.

President Akıncı emphasized that both the government and the Greek Cypriot side should speed up the work in order to accomplish the crossing points of Aplici and Dheryneia as soon as possible. The President also examined the work at Dheryneia crossing point yesterday.  After his examinations at the Aplici crossing point, he has stated that “Momentum has been given at political level for more than a year for the opening of these two crossing points.”

Reminding that at the beginning of the work some problems has occurred, President Akıncı noted that time is needed to overcome these problems.

President Akıncı continues his statements as follows:

“UNDP has completed his work. The tender is coming to an end. The tender was also held and it came to the construction stage. However, it seems that there is still much work that has to be done, even though the work is progressing. In Aplici, we are about to complete the stabilization of less than one-kilometer area in our part. It is at the stage of asphalting within 20 days. Further to that, there is a 500-meter of a buffer zone to be built half-and-half by each side. There is a 2.5km road work to be done on the Greek Cypriot side. Police and custom sheds have to be built, and it seems that it will take some time. Likewise, the asphalt work in our area at Dheryneia will be completed by 3 to 5 days.  As I saw yesterday the work at Dheryneia crossing point has advanced well. There is a short distance in the buffer zone. Greek Cypriots have much less work to do at Dheryneia compared to Aplici. Again, at Dheryneia crossing point, the police sheds need to be done and again it seems that the necessary infrastructure work will take time to be completed.”

 There will be a meeting at the Presidency

President Akıncı explained that a coordination meeting will be held next week at Presidency in order to accelerate the progress of various stages of the process with the participation of all relevant institutions. The topic of the meeting will be ‘how to accelerate the works’.

Emphasising that the opening of the Aplici and Dheryneia crossing points will make a lot of contribution to both sides, President Akıncı said “The people of the both communities want and desire this. Requirements for opening both crossing points need to be done as soon as possible.”

President Akıncı continued saying:

“The Greek Cypriot side should accelerate their work too”

“It seems that the Greek Cypriot side needs to accelerate the work. On our side, the government has to speed up the work. Because in the budget, there are also issues to be done like the allocation of funds and tender of the projects. Therefore cooperation should be made and this work should be done as soon as possible. These work cannot be done at the table; should be seen on the spot. We understood better at what stage the work at Aplici and Dheryneia crossing points when we visited yesterday than studying the written reports. We all have a mission. As a President myself and all the related parts like the mayors of the regions, the government, the Ministries of the government should work together. It is also Greek Cypriot government’s duty. They also need to accelerate their own work in their part. They will also benefit from speeding up the work because the opening of these crossing points is not only beneficial to one community but it is beneficial to both communities. I wish that by this acceleration, this will be achieved earlier than it is planned. At this moment, I do not want to give any dates but it will not be realistic to say that these crossing points will be opened within a month or two. If I tell the opposite, I might have misled the public. There is still much work to be done. For this reason, I call them to accelerate their efforts. "