President Akıncı meets Spehar

Akıncı: "It should no longer be tolerated”


President Mustafa Akıncı, following his meeting with Elizabeth Spehar, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Cyprus, made a press statement and evaluated the issues discussed at the meeting. President Akıncı said that Spehar had contacts with both leaders today, prior to her visit to New York. He mentioned that it was a routine meeting, which takes place before the Security Council meeting, as part of the preparations for the report to be submitted to the UN Security Council.
 “In this context, before Mrs. Spehar's departure to New York, we made evaluation on the current state and exchanged our views on the Cyprus problem,” said President Akıncı, who briefed the journalists about the issues discussed during the meeting.

“While we are trying to generate ideas in order to build confidence between the two communities and to progress along the way, the events- that occur in contrast-are the issues that we paid utmost attention. As you know, a recent incident occurred at the Larnaca Airport, where a bus owner and tourists from Europe were harassed and attacked. We elaborated on the incident at the meeting with Mrs. Spehar and we conveyed the sensitivity of the issue and the impact it had on us.  We expressed the problems that could come up, if these acts repeat. We asked of her to convey these issues to the Greek Cypriot authorities, particularly to Mr. Anastasiades, in order to take necessary measures in this respect.
She said that she comprehended the issue well, promising to do what is necessary."
A bus, which has been crossing to the south since 2008 with all the proper paper work, was blocked and stopped,said the President. “In the latest incident, a harassment was made to the European tourists coming from Hungary in the bus. This is certainly not acceptable and everyone should pay attention to this. Primarily the Greek Cypriot administration,  should not tolerate such issues. What some members of Elam did in the past are still not forgotten. However, this is a very different dimension. This should not be the case, everyone should be careful about this so that more inconvenient situations do not arise.
Recalling that the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades ever so often writes letters to the UN Secretary General and these letters are reflected in the public, President Akıncı said:
“We do so if needed, however we do not write letters to the Secretary General every hour. We have recently felt the need to address the Secretary General directly, taking into account the circumstances we have been in. In that sense, we have delivered a letter to New York today through our own state channels and handed a copy to Elizabeth Spehar today. I will inform the public about the content of the letter after when the letter reaches to the Secretary-General. In today’s meeting,  further evaluations were made apart from these mentioned issues and we will share them with public when the right time comes.”