President Mustafa Akıncı's statement

“I carried out a thorough assessment with my negotiating team of the report submitted by UN Secretary-General Guterres to the Security Council on 15 October”.

First of all, I am satisfied with the fact that the report reflects to a considerable extent my previously expressed view that in light of experiences gained from the Cyprus negotiation processes, if a process is to resume, it can only be successful if it is not open-ended and is based on a results-oriented and strategic approach.
I conveyed these views -which I already shared publicly- to the Secretary-General last year as well as at the meeting we held in New York last September. Furthermore, I conveyed my views in this regard to the UN Secretary General’s Consultant Ms. Lute.
In his report, the Secretary-General states that the status-quo in Cyprus is not sustainable and there is a need for a lasting settlement to be achieved within a clear horizon. In addition, the Secretary-General remarks that endless processes without result lie behind us and a solution can be only realized through a result-oriented approach and within a clear horizon, which is an important matter that needs to be underlined. 
Another important matter noted in the report is the fact that Ms. Lute will be reassigned by the Secretary-General with a view to seeking the agreement of the sides on terms of reference regarding the process.
Our views on modality have been considerably reflected in the report. However, in order for it to be meaningful, the agreement on terms of reference must also be taken up in an equally sensitive manner. In other words, it should not be open-ended, but should be result-oriented, well-structured with a clear motivation and strategic understanding. In light of Ms. Lute’s upcoming visit, we will continue our positive stance as the side that aims for a settlement and has always acted in a constructive manner.
Further to the modality of the process, we have recently observed some views from the Greek Cypriot side, in terms of substance, with regard to such terms as “loose federation” and “decentralized federation”. If Mr. Anastasiades has any new ideas on the future of our island, we will certainly be pleased to hear from him at our meeting that will hopefully take place soon. However, it should be kept in mind that if a solution is to be found in the form of a federal partnership state, regardless of what it is called, it is essential for the sides to have effective participation in the competences to be jointly exercised. It is clear that the solution will have two constituent sides and that political equality will be one of the most important principles.
At our meeting with Mr. Anastasiadis, I am hoping that we will also be able to determine jointly the dates for the opening of Derinya and Aplıç crossing points. As the Turkish Cypriot side, I would like to remind that we are ready for the opening of both crossing points”.
Mustafa AKINCI