Presidential Spokesman Barış Burcu's statement

We are pleased to observe that every day more and more people from the Greek Cypriot community are acknowledging that the decision taken by the Greek Cypriot Parliament to commemorate the 1950 Enosis Plebiscite at schools was a mistake.

DISI Parliamentary Group Spokesman Nicos Tornaritis statement “If we could turn back time, DISI would have rejected the law proposal suggested by ELAM regarding the 1950 Plebicite” has contributed to a greater awareness of the wrongness of the said decision among the Greek Cypriot community.  

While it is not possible to turn back the clock, it is possible to correct a mistake. We salute every statement, endeavor and initiative to annul the said decision.  Our President Mustafa Akıncı has always responded positively to the initiatives and efforts made towards this end.

As is known, our President recently had a social meeting with DISY Leader Averof Neophytou on the initiative of the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot Chambers of Commerce. Five days before this meeting, our President had a similar meeting with AKEL Secretary-General Andros Kyprianou.

As is known, AKEL, who voted against Enosis Plebicite decision in the Greek Cypriot Parliament, expressed on various occasions that they are ready to cooperate with DISY in order to rectify the wrong decision in question.

Within this framework, we welcome the decision taken yesterday in the relevant committee of the Greek Cypriot Parliament through the cooperation of AKEL-DISY. We would like to point out that elimination of the commemoration of Enosis plebiscite in schools through the necessary steps in the plenum will pave way for the resumption of the formal comprehensive settlement talks.

Following the positive development at the relevant committee of the Greek Cypriot parliament, our President has informed the UNSG Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide that he will be ready to meet Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades in a social setting at the end of March. Official negotiations shall resume after the necessary steps are taken in the plenum of the Greek Cypriot Parliament.

As our President has reiterated several times, the referendum to be held in Turkey on April 16 has no relevance whatsoever with respect to the current situation.  We have repeatedly underlined that negotiations can resume before the aforementioned date if the Greek Cypriot side has the will to take the necessary steps to revoke the said decision. Now it appears that we are approaching that stage. We wish and expect that the cooperation of DISI-AKEL yields a concrete result and paves the way for the resumption of formal talks immediately.