Statement by Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu

Presidential Spokesman Barış Burcu evaluated the United Nations Security Council's decision adopted on 25 July.

In his evaluation, Presidential Spokesman Barış Burcu highlighted that the Turkish Cypriot side will continue to act in good faith and work in a constructive manner so as to achieve an immediate and just solution in Cyprus based on political equality and start implementing new confidence-building measures. Burcu expressed satisfaction that the relevant United Nations Security Council decisions entail expressions which justify the views and statements of the Turkish Cypriot side represented by President Mustafa Akıncı.
The statement of the Spokesperson is as follows:
"The mandate of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) has been renewed for a period of six months by the United Nations Security Council decision adopted on 25 July 2019.
Similar to previous decisions, the said decision does not fully reflect the facts of the experienced processes for the sake of adopting a balanced approach. This is injustice towards the Turkish Cypriot side which puts forward a constructive and productive stance at all times. For instance, despite all our warnings, the unilateral hydrocarbon activities the Greek Cypriot side has been insisting on pursuing, have been leading to tensions. As is known, President Mustafa Akıncı has conveyed a detailed proposal to Mr. Anastasiades which envisaged a joint committee as well as a fund to reduce the tension and build a new climate of collaboration based on an equitable basis.  This noteworthy proposal made on 13 July 2019 should not have been disregarded by the United Nations Security Council. Furthermore, the decision includes expressions which originate from the fact that the Greek Cypriot side is recognized as the official government but are certainly not acceptable on our part.
Although the general and traditional attitude in the relevant decisions of the UN Security Council is as mentioned, we welcome that the decision also entails expressions which justify the views and remarks of the Turkish Cypriot side represented by President Akıncı.
In the decision there is a strong emphasis on the significance of political equality which is a concept President Akıncı has always underlined. The decision also refers particularly to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 716 adopted in 1991 which coincides with the Turkish Cypriot views on “political equality and effective participation”. In doing so, it is being reminded that political equality and effective participation in decision-making are indispensable. This decision adopted by the United Nations Security Council on 25 July 2019 is a serious warning to the Greek Cypriot side that has led Ms. Lute’s effort into a deadlock by attempting to deny the principles of effective participation to the decisions as well as political equality in the period following the Crans-Montana Conference.
President Akıncı is saying that first it is necessary to determine whether all the parties concerned are aiming for the same objective. President often emphasizes that if the negotiations are to be resumed, it cannot be an open-ended process as in the past but it should be a solution-oriented and time-limited one. The terms of reference that are expected to be prepared for this purpose should include the past convergences, 11 February 2014 dated Joint Declaration as well as the framework presented by the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Guterres, to the parties in Crans-Montana on 30 June 2017 without distorting the facts. We are satisfied to see that the expressions parallel to the evaluations of President Akıncı representing the Turkish Cypriot side, are included in the decision.
As it is known, President Akıncı attaches special importance to a just, lasting and comprehensive solution objective as well as the Confidence Building Measures to be implemented -within the scope of cooperation between the parties- to facilitate the daily lives of both communities. For this reason, he has always provided creative proposals and ensured decisions to be taken to that end. He has been spending great efforts to ensure that these decisions are implemented in the best possible way and continues to do so. Therefore, it is important that the said decision refers to the Confidence Building Measures and cooperation between the two sides with the same understanding and similar expressions.
Despite these positive expressions in the decision, it is neither just nor  acceptable that for 55 years the United Nations Security Council, based on Resolution 186 adopted on 8th March 1964, has ignored the Turkish Cypriot side as an unfortunate manifestation of the recognition of the Greek Cypriot Administration as the only legitimate government on our island and takes the consent of only the Greek Cypriot side.
We would like to point out that, as it is called upon in the decision of United Nations Security Council, the Turkish Cypriot side will continue to work in good faith and in a constructive manner to achieve a just solution based on political equality and to implement new confidence-building measures in Cyprus without any delay.