Statement by Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu:

"A Turkish internet portal named A Haber today published fake news under the title of "TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı’s hostility against Turkey continues! Akıncı embraces the Greeks and the British” which is an open attack against the relationship between the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as well as the fraternity of the Turkish Cypriot people with Turkish society. This is not the first organized perception operation aimed for our President.

Despite the fact that those claims were proved wrong at that time by our President Mustafa Akıncı’s statements, 56 months later, A Haber has re-circulated the same speculation as was published in a Greek Cypriot newspaper in 2016, as though it is published today and created perception as if it was correct and really happened.

We sadly observed that A Haber acted in parallel with the fake accounts using fake names in an attempt to initiate a perception operation in social media today against our President.

Repeating the fake news after 56 months under the guise of news is incompatible with professional and human morality.
Such perception operations aimed for our President and the Turkish Cypriot people may blur the reality for a couple of minutes, but the shame of relying on a lie is permanent for institutions as well as for people.

Whilst the Turkish Cypriot people, like all humanity, are now struggling with a deadly virus, some circles have been again in an attempt to influence the presidential election in the TRNC which will be held 4 months later.

It should not be forgotten that the Turkish Cypriot people will say the last word on this issue with their own free will. Turkish Cypriot people do not lend credence to such perception operations."