The Bi-communal Health Technical Committee members hold a teleconference today with the participation of relevant experts and the General Coordinators of the two communities for the Technical Committees

The parties discussed the latest situation regarding the fight against COVID-19 and discussed that the openings could be implemented by taking effective measures based on epidemiological data.

Within this framework, the consensus was reiterated that the crossings could take place with a gradual and coordinated approach as predicted by President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades over the phone call on May 21st.

It is evaluated that for the arrangements to be made on this matter, the Bi-communal Health Technical Committee will continue to play an important role and by following the process carefully, the common steps can be taken within the framework of the scientific data. General Coordinator of Technical Committees Meltem Onurkan Samani stated the importance for members to stay in touch to share information and to generate new ideas and noted that they agreed on reengaging in the coming period.

The Bi-communal Health Technical Committee had also held a teleconference on June 1st.