The Statement of President Akıncı

President Mustafa Akıncı made a statement regarding today’s voting at the Greek Cypriot Parliament.

The Greek Cypriot Parliament’s decision taken on February 10th, regarding the commemoration of Enosis plebiscite in public schools, led to a great public indignation and reaction among the Turkish Cypriot people. This decision also caused discomfort among  the Greek Cypriot community. The development which does not contribute to the much coveted peace culture in our island , has undoubtedly affected the Cyprus negotiations process negatively and caused a disruption of the dialogue.

We welcome the step taken by the two major parties of the Greek Cypriot Parliament DISY and AKEL towards rectifying this mistake, despite their different ideologies. As we criticize the wrong that we see, we should also be able to applaud the right acts, when we see them.
With this decision of the Greek Cypriot parliament to rectify the said decision, we must look forward, with the understanding that the Enosis plebiscite will not be among the event that will be commemorated in schools. While building the future, it is imperative to develop a culture of peace, tolerance and cooperation, instead of dwelling on concepts such as Enosis, Taksim or annexation.
In the negotiation process which will resume on Tuesday, April 11, we must work towards making a new beginning and establishing a new structure that will provide the conditions for sustainable peace in our island. Time is running out. We are really at a crossroad. I hope and wish that all interested parties are aware of this and will act accordingly.
 Mustafa Akıncı