“We desire peace, stability and tranquility in our country and in our world”

President Mustafa Akıncı and his spouse Meral Akıncı attended the 2018-2019 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and gave graduates their diplomas.

 In his speech at the ceremony, President Akıncı expressed happiness to attend such ceremonies and said, “I wish you all the best and success in this new period of your life while you are graduating of our distinguished university that completed its 40th year".

Referring to the missile incident that has recently crashed in the TRNC, President Akıncı said the following:

 “We want peace in our country and in the world”

 “Last night, a missile crashed in the TRNC territory as a result of a war in the region, of which we are not part. Fortunately, it did not hit a residential area. If it had fallen, the consequences would have been much heavier. However, this reminds us of something; just next to us, a brutal war has been going on for years. Such missiles fall down on innocent children, families and innocent women every day, every hour. We do not want any war anywhere in the world. We desire peace, stability and tranquility in our country and in our world. My message is to you; you are leaving this university by learning the principles of Atatürk. The most important of these principles is “peace at home, peace in the world”. Therefore, wherever you go, try to make every contribute to the domestic peace, tranquility, democracy and to the human rights of that country. Dear graduates, this is my first advice to you. I wish you good luck and great success.”