President Ersin Tatar receives Near East University (NEU) Drift Team Driver Enver Haskasap and the NEU Drift racing team where he congratulated them for their outstanding success in the TRNC and Europe

“Your outstanding success and displaying our flag in international competitions is extremely important to us that has once again shown the world that we as the TRNC exist.”


President Ersin Tatar's statement to the press following the opening of the Parliamentary Assembly of the new legislative year

“There is need to expedite the passing of important legislation and reforms in order to improve the conditions of the country.”


President Ersin Tatar attends the ceremony held for the 32nd anniversary of the Cyprus Turkish Retired Officers Association

"We are voicing to the whole world that there are two separate peoples in Cyprus and we are seeking to prove our existence and freedom."


President Ersin Tatar emphasises at the honorary doctorate ceremony held at Bursa Uludağ University: 

“The continuation of the guarantee of the Republic of Türkiye and the presence of Turkish forces as a deterrant is our indispensable line.” 


President Ersin Tatar attends the workshop organised under the name of “Thalassaemia

The Forgotten Inherited Genetic!  “Thalassemia is a disease that requires everybody to take precaution”


President Ersin Tatar participates in a short film screening entitled  “Bambu”

“Education for People with Special Needs legislation will be speedily passed in Parliament which will make significant contributions to education.”