Presidental Flag

The flag of Office of the Presidency is formed in accordance to TRNC Constitution, “TRNC Official Flag Law”, Article 9 and Paragraph 1. The flag is made by taking into account the figures and rates shown in the third example of the Law. Apart from the drawstring edge the other three edges should be framed with gold latten. On the white ground, the star and crescent should be vermilion color and should have two lines lengthwise. On the left corner, there should be two gold latten stars one within the other and these should be separated by the vermilion colored ground.

According to the Article 9 and Paragraph 2 of “TRNC Official Flag Law”, the flag is raised on the flagpole and remains raised night and day at the place of residence of the President and at the places where the President visits. The flag is put on the left back of the desk in the President’s Office, and on the left front of the vehicle in which the President travels where there is a chrome crescent and star at the top.