First Lady Sibel Tatar participates in the auction and exhibition called ‘Taş, Kağıt, Makas’ (Stone, Paper, Scissors)  for the wellbeing of children

First Lady Sibel Tatar took part in the inauguration of of the exhibition and auction of the cartoon work of Marjan Khajavi – an Iranian graphic designer, handcraft and illustration artist.

Held at the Rüstem Bookstore main gallery in Lefkoşa, the drawings and cartoons had also been displayed as from November 20, World Children’s Day.

The auction and exhibition were held to highlight ‘child labour, child abuse and violence against children’.  All cartoons were put up for sale at the auction organised by the Universal Children Rights Association, whose chairman Laden Asilzade, said: “It is the third year of our association. We have not been able to carry out our daily activities as desired due to the negative impacts arising from the pandemic, however we will excel in our work for a better future because everything we do is for the wellbeing of children.”

Ms Asilzade thanked First Lady Sibel Tatar, who was first to purchase a painting at the event, for “encouraging us from the very beginning” in holding this event and she thanked everyone for their contributions and participation in the inauguration ceremony.