First Lady Sibel Tatar receive women administrative board members of Cyprus Turkish Consumers’ Association

First Lady Sibel Tatar received women administrative board members of the Cyprus Turkish Consumers’ Association. 

Speaking during the meeting, First Lady Sibel Tatar, who was nominated as the ‘Woman of the Year’ by the Association, stated that she was delighted to be elected  for the woman of the year award.

Mrs Tatar said: “I wish to receive every award and every flower in the name of every woman. There are many women who deserve to receive these awards on this March 8 International Women’s Day. . .I accept this award in the name of women who brought up their children without a father, who protected their country at time of war, who have been able to bring up their children despite facing financial difficulties.”

Cyprus Turkish Consumers’ Association administrative board member, Associated Prof Dr. Gülyüz Debeş, said that “behind every successful man is a successful woman” adding that “the election of  President Ersin Tatar as the President is also an achievement of of his wife, First Lady Sibel Tatar,” she said.