"My greatest wish is that you protect your State and bring it to a better place"

President Ersin Tatar commemorates the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day as hundreds of schoolchildren and their teachers from numerous schools of central Lefkoşa walk through the capital to the Presidential palace and participate in an event marking the start of celebrations.


The gates of the Presidency were opened for hundreds of schoolchildren and their teachers who marched to the Presidency holding the flags of Türkiye and TRNC – where they were welcomed by President Ersin Tatar who delivered an address commemorating the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day.
The celebrations at the Presidency on Thursday also included folk dancing performances and poems recited by the children.  President Tatar stated that as well as Türkiye, the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day celebrations are also marked in the TRNC, “attributed by the Founder of the Republic of Türkiye, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, as a gift to all the children of the world, because of their importance for our future”.
President Tatar pointed out that the holiday celebrates the 104th anniversary of the foundation of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Türkiye, on April 23, 1920.
“I wholeheartedly congratulate you all on the occasion of the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day,” President Tatar said. “I am very happy to see you all here at the Presidency, as we start the celebrations of this important national holiday, which underlines the importance of sovereignty and our children, who are our future, who will one day govern our country and ultimately humanity.”
President Tatar stated that efforts are being made “to ensure that children receive the best education in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, both socially and academically”, and added that “children are today benefiting from technological advancement that is enhancing accessibility to information and knowledge that is reflecting positively in their personal development”.
Paying tribute to his teachers from his school years, President Tatar said: “Dear children, respect, love and listen to your teachers, who are playing a significant role in your personal development and teaching you to learn a breadth of knowledge during your time in studies. Build good relations with each other, for you will cherish them in the future.”
President Tatar emphasised that his greatest wish is for children to “protect and serve the State while living in peace, tranquillity and security in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.
Commemorating with gratitude and respect Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who led the liberation struggle of the Turkish nation and established the Republic of Türkiye, President Tatar stated: “Even whilst struggling to liberate the Homeland of the Turkish nation, Atatürk offered a bright future to the children.”
Emphasising that the Turkish Cypriots followed in the footsteps of Atatürk in their struggle for freedom and existence, President Tatar said that his greatest wish is for “children to protect the independence and sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriot people and their State” and to “bring it to a better place in the future”.
President Tatar expressed his gratitude to all the teachers for their hard work and dedication and thanked them for educating the future generations.