Special Advisor Muslu Akgüney

He was born on the 3rd of September 1976. He completed his primary education in Alsancak Primary School and his secondary and highschool education in Lapta Yavuzlar Highschool. He graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University Electrical and Electronics School, Electrical and Electronics High Technician, Anadolu University Faculty of Economics - Public Relations, Publicity, Advertising and Public Administration Departments. He is still continuing with his master’s education at Final International University, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Supervision and Management. He attended around 50 courses, seminars and fairs in the context of personal development and business techniques. In addition to his management duties in private companies, he worked as a special secretary at the Ministery of Public  Works, Environment and Culture and the Ministery of Interior between 2015-2018. He has been active in many non-governmental organisations. Among the important social projects 

he has been involved in are the “Aydınlık Yarınlar Hareketi Atık Pilleri Toplama Projesi” (Bright Future Movement The Collection of Waste Batteries), “Halil Arıburun Ormanı projesi” (Halil Arıburun Forest Project), various environmental projects and the Central Prison prisoners orchestra called “İçerideki Işık” (Inner Light). He is married and is the father of 2 children.