President Ersin Tatar and First Lady Sibel Tatar participated in the ceremony at the Cyprus Evkaf Administration

President Ersin Tatar and First Lady Sibel Tatar visited the Cyprus Evkaf (Foundations) Administration headquarters in Lefkoşa and took part in a ceremony there.

The Tatars presented awards to Dr Ayşe Sınay Tahsin, the founder of Ayşe Hanım Foundation, İnci Hakkı, the founder of the Barutçuzade Ahmet Vasıf Efendi Foundation, Bahire Doğru, founder of Cyprus Foundation for Hearing and Speech Impairment,  Özge Eminoğlu, founder of Suleyman Cengiz Eminoğlu Foundation and Tangül Çağıner Children’s Aid Foundation founder İçim Çağıner.

President Ersin Tatar, addressing the ceremony on Monday, drew attention to the historical importance of the Foundations Administration building that is located in the inner-walls of the capital, which he said “is one of the first buildings on the island where the Turkish flag was hoisted”.

Referring to the great struggle given by Dr Fazil Kucuk, the head of the Community to have the Foundations registered in the name of Turkish Cypriots, the President underlined that Turkish Cypriot women contributed greatly during the years of struggle and pointed out that a strong Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus emanates from strong Turkish Cypriot people.

Pointing out that for the past successes to continue to subsist, it is necessary to maintain certain sensitivities,  the President expressed his gratitude to the women who founded the different foundations for the benefit of the public and wished them success for the future.

President Tatar emphasised the contributions of wealthy citizens and their display of social solidarity, thanks to the foundations during the years of the national struggle, and stated that the importance of foundations in terms of social integration should never be forgotten.

President Tatar stated that compared to the past, the welfare level in the TRNC is much more advanced today due to the investments and said that " for the idea of the foundation to continue with escalation will result in passing down to our future generations a growing strong entity."

The President added that these sorts of projects can be encouraged through tax laws.

President Tatar said that he and the First Lady had earlier visited the Lefkoşa Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital and the Emergency Situation Hospital where they met with women health workers to commemorate International Women’s Day. “We are against any form of discrimination and violence,” said the President, reiterating that “our women have big hearts and they are courageous. Their past is filled with success stories.”

President Tatar said that the “first foundation in Cyprus was formed by a woman,” adding that “the struggle put forward by women should be commended. I hope that we will see a more prevalent presence of women in politics and civil group organisations,” Mr Tatar said.