President Ersin Tatar attends the Kalavaç Culture and Art Festival

“The people of Kalavaç preserved their culture and passed it on from generation to generation.”


President Ersin Tatar attended the Kalavaç Culture and Art Festival, organised with the contributions of Kalavaç Mukhtar and Değirmenlik Akıncılar Municipality.

In his speech at the festival, President Tatar emphasised that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will take firm steps into the future with the work done from generation to generation.

As the children and grandchildren of a mujahideen people who resisted the EOKA attacks in Kalavaç, the festival is today being held independently, freely and safely in these lands, President Tatar said. He further stated that Turkish Cypriots carry on with culture, art, literature, folklore and rights from the past.

Explaining that traditions have been passed down from generation to generation in Kalavaç, which has been Turkish territory since 1571, President Tatar congratulated the people of the village for their loyalty.

Pointing out that the Turkish Cypriots are in full unity, President Tatar underlined that if there is an agreement in Cyprus, it will be based on the cooperation of the two states.

Emphasising that the guarantor and military presence of the Republic of Türkiye will never be abandoned, President Tatar noted that as we see what happened in Gaza and conflicts in many parts of the world, any weakness shown in the Cyprus issue would take the Turkish Cypriots back to the pre-1960s.

President Tatar ended his speech by congratulating those who contributed to the organisation of the festival.