President Ersin Tatar attends the Universities Search and Rescue Games (USAR Games) Award Ceremony

“The traditional implementation of such activities is important in terms of increasing the institutional memory of the TRNC”


President Ersin Tatar presented the awards to those who succeeded in the “USAR Games 2023 Universities Search and Rescue Exercise” held amongst the students of the search and rescue club of the universities that are members of the International Universities Search and Rescue Council.
In his speech at the award ceremony, President Tatar pointed out that the Civil Defence Organisation has done an extraordinary work together with the students and he expressed his satisfaction to see that serious successes have been achieved in the search and rescue efforts.

Noting that the whole country closely followed the efforts to find those who were trapped under the rubble in Adıyaman in the 6th February earthquake, President Tatar stated that the earthquake caused so much pain and thanked the sacrifices made during those sad days.

Pointing to the need to be prepared for natural disasters, President Tatar congratulated the endeavours of the Civil Defense Organisation, Security Forces Command, fire department, police and other institutions and organisations and volunteers. Emphasising the importance of the search and rescue efforts carried out by our youth together with young people from various countries in our universities in terms of institutional memory, the President pointed out the importance of continuing these efforts traditionally to increase the institutional memory of the TRNC. President Tatar mentioned that a capacity representing the TRNC has been formed in different friendly countries and he congratulated all the participants, winners and everyone who contributed wishing them success.