President Ersin Tatar congratulates all artists on World Art Day during a video conference held with the Culture and Art Committee

President Ersin Tatar stated that as the custodians of the culture from the past, we are responsible for promoting and protecting the struggle and the existing cultural heritage on these lands for thousands of years. The President celebrated the World Art Day of all artists who successfully represent our country in all branches of art.

Emphasizing the importance of protecting, preserving and passing ancient artefacts on these territories to the future generations, President Ersin Tatar pointed to the necessities of embracing, rewarding and encouraging the works of our talented and valuable artists for the continuation of the culture and their contributions both with publications and various programs.
At the meeting, President Tatar received information about the works conducted by the members of   the Culture and Arts Committee and he also drew attention to the contribution of our artists living abroad, who are part of our culture, for the promotion of the country.

Chief Advisor to the President and General Coordinator of the Technical Committees Prof. Dr. Tülen Saner and the member of committee Assist. Prof. Dr. Serkan İlseven, Prof. Dr. Oğuz Karakartal, Laden İnce, Bülent Günkut, Abdullah Öztoprak and Doruk Hastunç participated in the online meeting.