President Ersin Tatar congratulates Ms. Natalie Süleyman who has been elected as Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Victoria, Australia

“Your success and achievements will continue to inspire thousands of other women and members of the Turkish Cypriot People who have made Australia their home.”

President Ersin Tatar has congratulated Ms. Natalie Süleyman who has been elected to serve as the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Victoria, Australia.
President Tatar expressed his sincere congratulations to Ms. Süleyman for becoming the first person of Turkish Cypriot origin to have been elected to the very respectful position of Deputy Speaker. 

The President said that he wholeheartedly agrees with the shared values about the need to encouraging people with different cultural backgrounds in multicultural societies to taking up senior positions in different levels of government, which is fundamental to democracy and human rights. 
Underlining the unjust isolation being faced by the Turkish Cypriot People despite the promises made to end these restrictions by many international actors in 2004, the President said this situation is preventing direct trade and direct travel with the TRNC.

Referring to the Cyprus issue, the President said that the Turkish Cypriot Side is, with the full support of the Republic of Türkiye, putting forward new ideas with regards to reaching a settlement that is based on the inherent sovereign equality and equal international status of the two Sides in Cyprus. He added that the way to reaching sustainable settlement, peace and stability in Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean is to build mutually beneficial cooperative relationships.  
The President added that he is still waiting for a response from the Greek Cypriot Side with regards to the recently made cooperation proposals on six fields by the Turkish Cypriot Side. 
President Tatar wishes Ms. Süleyman success in her new position.