President Ersin Tatar has been invited to attend events to be held in Ankara, Konya and Kütahya on September 3-7

President Ersin Tatar will participate in events to be held in Ankara, Konya and Kütahya, Turkey, on September 3-7.

President Tatar will also meet veterans who took part in the 1974 Cyprus Peace operation and non-governmental organisations, give a conference on the Cyprus issue and participate in separately organised panels.

The President, who will be departing for Ankara from Ercan Airport at 8am tomorrow morning, will travel to Kastamonu after his arrival in Ankara,  where he will visit the catastrophic flood-hit region and meet with victims and express TRNC solidarity during their time of difficulty.

On September 4, President Tatar will attend a meeting about the Cyprus issue that has been organised by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations in Ankara. The President will make an address there in relation to the Cyprus issue.  

The President will participate in the events to be held in Kütahya on September 5, meet with the representatives of non-governmental organisations and businessmen and evaluate the latest developments on Cyprus in local newspapers and TV Channels.

President Tatar will give a conference titled ‘Geçmişten Günümüze Kıbrıs Türkü’nün Adadaki Varoluş Mücadelesi’   (‘The Struggle for Existence of Turkish Cypriots on the Island from Past to Present’) at Kütahya Dumlupınar University on September 6, and will meet with the 1974 veterans who took part in the Cyprus Peace Operation.  The President, who will participate in the events in Akşehir and will also visit Konya, meet with journalists, make statements about the Cyprus issue and participate in the events to be held.

On September 7, President Tatar will visit İstiklal Harbi Martyrs’ Cemetery in Konya, meet with Konya Cyprus Veterans and Konya Chamber of Commerce officials and attend a panel on the Cyprus issue.

President Ersin Tatar will depart from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport on September 8  at 08:20am and will arrive at Ercan Airport at 09:50am.