President Ersin Tatar holds telephone conversation with EU Commission Vice-President Borrell

President Ersin Tatar had a telephone conversation with the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Relations and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell.

Mr Borrell asked about the position of the Turkish Cypriot side prior to the Five-plus-UN informal meeting, where President Tatar explained that “if the sovereign equality and equal international status of the two sides in Cyprus are respected, a sustainable and fair agreement can be reached and cooperation between the two States can be established on this basis.
President Tatar thanked Mr Borrell for the 1,080 of the Covid-19 vaccines that had been sent by the EU which were received today. In response, Mr Borrell stated that the vaccines allocated for Northern Cyprus will continue to be sent, adding that he will give the necessary instructions for the subject matter programme to be shared with the Turkish Cypriot side.
President Tatar,  put forward the Turkish Cypriot position with regards to Hellim and said the health and hygiene inspection should be conducted by experts to be appointed by the Commission, in cooperation with the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce (KTTO); for preserving the current function and status of the KTTO, which is currently authorised within the framework of the Green Line Regulation and for the registration of Hellim with the EU and the amendment that would allow trade through the Green Line Regulation be carried out simultaneously.
Mr Borrell said he will be pleased to meet with President Tatar during his next visit.