President Ersin Tatar marks March 8, International Women’s Day

I sincerely commemorate the International Women's Day of our women -- who touch our lives with their sacrifices, love and tolerance and who have a pioneering role in the future of humanity.

The work to be carried out by all institutions and organs of the state, as well as non-governmental organisations is very important, for our women to have a say in every field in society from education to business life, and for there to be no discrimination between men and women in terms of fundamental rights and freedoms. With this awareness and responsibility, we will continue to work resolutely to achieve this goal that will carry our women forward in every field.

In the light of the struggle we have been giving for many years against all kinds of violence, injustice and discrimination, I would like to state that I will lead the struggle as your President together with the state organs and institutions, and civil community groups, in order to prevent every kind of violence against women in our country.

The hard labour and sacrifices of Turkish Cypriot women should not be forgotten in the success of our righteous struggle.  I would like to thank all our women who have been the symbol of solidarity and courage in the past and present, who have added value to our society with their services, received fame  with their success and set an example to our youth, and our female healthcare professionals who played an important role in our fight against the pandemic.

By adopting the motto of "strong women, strong society" as a guide, I reiterate my belief that all our women will continue to take their prominent place in politics, society and business life, while protecting and developing our social peace; I would like to emphasise that this will be one of the most important factors that will contribute to a much better future of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.