President Ersin Tatar meets with Members of the Board of Directors of the Vakıflar Administration marking to the its establishment anniversary

Noting that the Foundations Administration is a sign of the centuries-long struggle of the Turkish Cypriots, President Tatar noted that one of the first institutions established by the Ottomans after the conquest of the island was the Foundations Administration.

President Tatar thanked everyone who contributed to the foundation of the Foundations Administration, which celebrated its 450th anniversary and highlighted the importance of social solidarity and unity.  Pointing out that Foundations have an important mission in terms of social unity and social solidarity, the President underlined the necessity of protecting the Foundations.
The President also recalling, one of our Community leaders, Dr. Fazıl Küçük in his speech  reminded of his great efforts in handing the Foundations Administration over to the Turkish Cypriots during the British Colonial Administration.
Pointing to the fact that the Foundations also have thousands of acres of land in Southern Cyprus and in British Bases Region, President Tatar said, “It is our duty to protect their rights. Our sensitivity on this issue was expressed in our meeting with the UK Foreign Minister and the UK Minister for EU Affairs” The President added that the addressee regarding the properties belonging to the Foundations in the British Bases Region should be the TRNC officials and that restrictions on the properties in question cannot be accepted.
Noting that property is valuable in the developing economy of the TRNC as it is an island country, the President noted that the Foundations have great responsibilities in bringing the property to the economy.
Chief Advisor to the President and General Coordinator of the Technical Committees Prof Dr. Tülen Saner  also attended the meeting.