President Ersin Tatar meets with prominent members of the Turkish Cypriot community in London


President Ersin Tatar met with some prominent members of the Turkish Cypriot community in south London.

The meeting, which was hosted by Turkish Cypriot businessman Eddie Ertan in Blackheath, was held on Saturday.

President Tatar, who thanked Eddie Ertan for hosting the meeting, stated that “the Turkish Cypriots in the UK have many examples of successful business people across different levels and walks of life”.

“It is very important that the Turkish Cypriots, whether they are in the UK, Australia, US, the EU or Canada, continue to work for the formal recognition and development of their homeland, the TRNC,” President Tatar said.

President Tatar stated that “the Turkish Cypriot People have never given up in their search for justice, equal status and equal opportunity as a people who have equal inherent rights”.

Stating that he is putting forward a new policy for a settlement in Cyprus that is based on two States co-existing side-by-side as good neighbours,  President Tatar said:  “The way to settling the Cyprus issue is to accept the realities and facts on the ground in the Island of Cyprus.  We are conveying to all international actors in our meetings that negotiations for a federal based settlement have been tried, tested and exhausted.”

President Tatar thanked the participants for attending the meeting and wished them success.

Businessman Eddie Ertan made an address at the event, which reads as follows:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honour for us to be with the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. As we gather here today, let us celebrate the vision and leadership of our President Ersin Tatar, who has dedicated himself to the well-being and prosperity Turkish Cyprus people.

May your commitment to peace, stability, and progress continue to inspire hope and unity among the people of Northern Cyprus. Your steadfast efforts to strengthen international relations and promote dialogue are excellent and commendable are admired by us all.

Our President, whose dedication and resilience have guided Northern Cyprus through challenges and uncertainties, continues to work tirelessly to ensure a bright and prosperous future for all citizens.

May your wisdom, courage, and determination continue to guide the path of Northern Cyprus toward sustainable development, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence. May your leadership bring about further progress and opportunities for the people you serve.

Our President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a beacon of hope, a champion of progress, and a symbol of unity. Cheers to your vision, your leadership, and your unwavering dedication to the people of Northern Cyprus.”