President Ersin Tatar meets with the mujahideen at the 3rd Infantry Battalion Command serving under the 1st Infantry Regiment

“We will never give up on our new policy”


President Ersin Tatar met with the mujahideen at the 3rd Infantry Battalion Command serving under the 1st Infantry Regiment
In his speech, expressing his happiness to be together with the mujahideen, President Tatar stated that the Turkish Cypriots experienced a lot of pain and that the struggle still continues today.

President Tatar emphasised that the Cyprus issue and the injustices committed by the Greek Cypriot-Greek duo to the Turkish Cypriot people still continue, and said that everyone is well aware that they have plans for the Turkish Cypriot people.

Stating that the Cyprus Turkish Security Forces was a regular army, President Tatar also briefed the troops on the history of the Cyprus problem.

President Tatar continued his words as follows;

“When we look at our history, we see that there has been a struggle in Cyprus for many years.

With the population movements, the Turkish Cypriots have become a minority. With the increase in the population of the other side, the Greek Cypriots had more population than the Turkish Cypriots.

According to them, the state is the Republic of Cyprus. This is the main authority. We are definitely not the part of the Republic of Cyprus. We have a separate Republic.

National politics says that "if there is to be an agreement in Cyprus, it can be with the cooperation of two sovereign equal states. Our sovereignty is important so that we can live with our honour. We voted yes to the Annan Plan in the north, while they said no in the south. Despite this, Southern Cyprus unilaterally became member of the EU.
The embargo and restrictions applied to Turkish Cypriots and especially to youth still continue. The other party tries to demonstrate its authority in every matter.”

Noting that the direct trade and direct flight obstacles continue, President Tatar pointed out that while the Turkish Cypriots are being treated unfairly, the Greek Cypriots are rewarded by becoming a member of the EU.

President Tatar said “We are faced with a great injustice considering what we have been through” and emphasised the importance of the policy aiming to protect efforts and the costs and to have two equal sovereign peoples in Cyprus.

President Tatar noted that the Turkish Cypriots, who suffered greatly and paid the price, always resisted and stated that there are two separate peoples, two separate states and two separate democracies in Cyprus.
Stating that the TRNC is developing, investments are made in our country from different countries and our country is a preferred place to live, President Tatar added that our country is in a safe place, thanking the mujahideen for their devoted work and wishing them success in their duties.