President Ersin Tatar opens the Tatlısu Cycling and Walking Path which will “contribute to alternative tourism”

President Ersin Tatar has participated in the opening ceremony of the Municipality Tatlısu Cycling and Walking Path


President Ersin Tatar has participated in the opening ceremony of the Tatlısu Cycling and Walking Path, where he stated that this new iconic feature of the region will contribute to alternative tourism of the country.
The pathway project was effected by the Municipality of Tatlısu and its construction financed by the Republic of Türkiye.
Delivering an address at the ceremony, President Tatar stated that the “Turkish Cypriot People continue with their struggle to co-exist in freedom under the roof of their own State”.
Stating that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a Turkish State in the eastern Mediterranean, has “talented and skilled people”, the President remarked that “we are blessed with such an abundance of natural beauty and moderate climate, which is important for people to undertake sports activities and to live a healthier lifestyle”.
President Tatar stated that the inhumane isolation and restrictions on the Turkish Cypriot People, even in the field of sports, should have no place in this day and age, and said the international community had promised to end the isolation – but has failed to honour these promises. The President said: “I have explained the injustice faced by the Turkish Cypriot People for decades and the need to end the isolation in my recent meeting with the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Cyprus, María Angela Holguín Cuéllar.”
Stressing that “Turkish Cypriot athletes who participate in international competitions hold up the flag of the TRNC,” President Tatar said: “Imposing such embargoes on our people is unacceptable, and this unjust situation needs to be addressed, which is what I have re-conveyed to the Personal Envoy,” President Tatar added.
President Tatar stated that the “landscape of the TRNC is changing through investments in the sports field and other alternative tourism areas, which is strengthening the foundation of the State”. He thanked the Mayor of Tatlısu, Hayri Orçan, and his team for bringing the project to fruition, which he said will be of great benefit to the locals as well.
President Tatar also thanked the authorities of the Republic of Türkiye for their support to the project.