President Ersin Tatar participates in the 3rd Seabream Fish Festival, proceeds of which will be donated to providing fishing areas for people with disabilities

“Fishing is a source of culture and livelihood that must be supported”


 President Ersin Tatar has participated in the 3rd Seabream Fish Festival held at the Lapta Fishing Shelter.
President Tatar, who addressed the festival organised by the Lapta, Alsancak and Karşıyaka Fishing Association, stated that “fishing is an important part of our culture,” adding that it “provides livelihood for our People, which must be supported”.
Pointing out the importance of organising the festival that includes fishing activities and investing in the development of the fishing shelter with the income raised from the festival, President Tatar pointed out that the necessary work should be carried out to develop the shelter with the support of the government.
 Explaining that fish is a valuable product and that fishermen should be supported through regulations and incentives, President Tatar emphasised that development of opportunities for fishing will contribute to the economy.
Stating that the “Alsancak, Lapta and Karşıyaka region is continuing to develop alongside other parts of the country,” the President paid tribute to the work of the Municipality of Lapta, Alsancak and Çamlıbel.
 President Tatar also attended the Second Bitter Orange Flower Festival, held on the Lapta Coastal Path in cooperation with Lapta Alsancak Çamlıbel Municipality and Lapta Culture and Solidarity Association, which aims to build a playground in Geçitköy which was affected badly by the floods.
President Tatar toured the stands and met with members of the public.