President Ersin Tatar pays tribute to former Prime Minister Osman Örek on the 22nd anniversary of his death, saying: “Örek lives in our hearts”

“On the 22nd anniversary of his death, I commemorate and pay tribute to Osman Örek, who devoted his life to the struggle of the Turkish Cypriot people, having served as Parliamentary Speaker, Prime Minister, Minister, Member of Parliament and Advocate.

In the dark days when there was a struggle against Enosis (Union of Cyprus with Greece) -- intensified by the Greek Cypriot leadership, Osman Örek was one of our leaders who led the fight to protect the existence, freedom and honour of the Turkish Cypriot people. He was identified with Dr. Fazıl Küçük and  Rauf R. Denktaş and along with his services locally, he carried out important duties in defence of our just cause in the international arena.  It was the greatest ideal of Osman Örek to protect our people’s  equality, sovereignty, not to be a minority to the Greek Cypriots, and to live as human beings. He fought for these ideals to his last breath.

Osman Örek was one of the founding members of the Turkish Resistance Organisation (TMT) and the head of the Turkish Community Delegation who was involved in the preparation of the Treaties in the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus whilst representing our people in the committee meetings in London in 1959 alongside Dr. Fazıl Küçük and Rauf R. Denktaş. 

Having served as a Minister of Defence in the Republic of Cyprus government,  Osman Örek took assignment in the General Committee which was formed following the Enosis aspired Bloody Christmas attacks and facilitated communications with the UN.   Initially in the Autonomous Turkish Cypriot Administration and subsequently in the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus, Osman Örek served as the Vice President, Prime Minister and Speaker.  Osman Örek also served in the founding parliament of the TRNC following its proclamation.

Osman Örek served our national cause and our people whilst enduring great sacrifices during the long years he spent in our national struggle and carrying out very important duties.  His services can never be forgotten.  The ideals for which he fought are also our ideals.  We will not allow these ideals on our homeland, state, sovereignty, freedom and equality to be trampled upon.  We will not abandon the active and effective guarantee of Turkey and the presence of the Turkish army.

With his struggle, ideals and memories, Osman Örek will continue to live in the hearts of our people.  May God rest his soul in peace.”