President Ersin Tatar received the delegation of the İstanbul Mukhtars Federation where he said: “Our mukhtars are always with the people”


President Ersin Tatar said that the close relations of the TRNC with Turkey, the mutual visits and the further strengthening of the unity between us are pleasing.

President Ersin Tatar stated  that despite the pandemic conditions the work done is invaluable and added that the cooperation between us and the mukhtars of the Republic of Turkey will be strengthened. Stating that the mukhtars of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are in contact with their counterparts in various regions  of Turkey, President Tatar said that he is very happy to see the close relations and cooperation of the Turkish Cypriot people with the Anatolian people and the more intensive support of Turkey on the Cyprus issue, which is their national case. 

President Ersin Tatar continued his words as follows;

“Mukhtars are elected people who serve under local governments. We also care about the mukhtars' offices in the TRNC and we are in constant cooperation with them. Our mukhtars, who are always with the people, are valuable for the future of the society. It is very significant that the Republic of Turkey and the TRNC are in cooperation. Your visits are always important to us. On the eve of the 38th anniversary of the TRNC, which was established on November 15, 1983, I am very pleased to host you here. As the President of the TRNC, through you I convey my love and respect on behalf of my people to every citizen in Turkey. Thanks for your visit."