President Ersin Tatar receives Director General of Police Kasım Kuni and his delegation

“It is our priority to ensure that the public can live in a safe and secure environment”

President Ersin Tatar has congratulated the newly appointed Director General of Police, Kasım Kuni, who was recently appointed to the position.
The President, who received Mr Kuni and his delegation, wished him every success on his new post.  “I congratulate you and wish you success on having been appointed as Director General of the Police,” President Tatar said. “It is our priority to ensure that the public can live in a safe and secure environment, where the rule of law is preserved.”
President Tatar added that people who were visiting the TRNC from abroad and from the Republic of Türkiye were also satisfied with the secure and safe environment that prevails in our country.
“Sometimes, there are criminal incidents that occur in our country, as is the case in all other countries of the world, however everybody is able to live their lives in safety with the full knowledge and appreciation that we have a capable police force that is devoted to catching criminals, wherever they may be.”
President Tatar also stated his support to filling in vacant positions in different departments of the police force. He said the government was showing the necessary sensitivity on the matter.
Stating that the Police Directorate was in close communication with the Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces (KTBK) and Security Forces (GKK) and were collaborating on many issues, President Tatar thanked Mr Kuni and the entire police force “for your devoted work and your determination to upholding the rule of law and enabling us to live in a secure and safe country”.
Police Director General, Kasım Kuni said: “I am staging my first official visit following my appointment as the new Director General of Police, to our President. It is with great honour that I have been accepted to this position. It is our pledge that we shall work tirelessly to uphold the rule of law and order, and to ensure the safety and security of all people in the TRNC.”
Mr Kuni thanked President Tatar for receiving him and his delegation.