President Ersin Tatar receives Maronite Religious leader and delegation

President Ersin Tatar received Selim Sfeir – temporarily appointed Archbishop of the Maronites and chairman of the Church Committee of St George church in Koruçam, Antonis Hadjiyiannadji and father Joseph Tartak.

During the visit at the Presidency on Tuesday, President Tatar stated that the “Turkish Cypriot people have great respect to the faith and values of the Maronites as they do to all faiths.

Stating that it is important for people of different faiths and cultures to live together, President Tatar emphasised the importance of “believing in the common values” of “humanity and human rights”. President Tatar stressed the importance of “cooperation” between the different beliefs and religions on the island, adding that the TRNC has diversity of cultures, beliefs and religions which makes us richer and adds colour to the lives of people on the island”.

Selim Sfeir said they have been living on the island for more than a thousand years, adding that they placed great importance on maintaining dialogue, peace and good relations. He thanked President Tatar for his efforts and understanding for the improvement of good relations.