President Ersin Tatar receives Növber Ferit Vechi, President of the Immovable Property Commission. President Tatar: “Fenced-off part of Maraş opening conforms to human rights laws”.

President Ersin Tatar received  the President of the Immovable Property Commission (IPC), Növber Ferit Vechi.

President Tatar stated that the “Immovable Property Commission has an important task in providing an effective domestic legal remedy that is sanctioned by the European Court of Human Rights”.

He added: “Despite pressure by the Greek Cypriot Administration on their own citizens to not apply to the IPC, hundreds have applied for properties inside Maraş alone.  But asking people not to benefit from a human right is regrettable”.

Expressing that the fenced-off part of Maraş was opened in accordance with human rights laws with the support of the Republic of Turkey and that the arrangements made were shared with the whole world, President Tatar added: “We have stated that an evaluation will be made of property applicants to the IPC. It was decided by the Council of Ministers that the properties located inside the 3.5 per cent pilot region would be returned to the applicants, and the region was transformed from a military zone to a civilian zone. The work on this issue will also gain momentum," he said.

Noting that the Maraş opening is a politically important step, President Tatar said: "This policy that enables the opening of Maraş is important as it helps to  strengthen the basis of the existence of the TRNC.”

President Tatar wished Növber Ferit Vechi success.

Növber Ferit Vechi  stated that the Immovable Property Commission continued its work without interruption and informed President Tatar about the works carried out by the commission.