President Ersin Tatar receives second vaccine dosage

President Ersin Tatar has received his second Covid-19 vaccine dosage today.   

A total of 80,000 Sinovac vaccine doses have been imported to the TRNC – which includes the 40,000 doses that arrived from Turkey yesterday.

Inoculation is important in the combat against the Covid-19 pandemic which has spread to the whole world as well as the TRNC. 

The TRNC has become an example to many other countries and has better managed the pandemic, which can be attributed to the high rate of daily testing, and we are pleased to observe that following the additional measures, the spike in daily new cases has began to decline in the second half of January.

Comparative projections with other countries and South Cyprus show that the TRNC can reach a plateau in cases towards the second half of February, followed by a managed decline. 

The struggle against the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet, and it should not be forgotten that the new strain of the virus is also in the TRNC.   We all need to act responsibly and with care. 

The most important action we must all take as individuals is to comply with the measures which are designed to protect us and our loved ones during this difficult period. In this regard, we should be careful not to stay in crowded environments for a long duration, and adhere to the requirements of wearing protective masks, observing social distancing and good hygiene.