President Ersin Tatar receives the London Mixed Football Team

“Turkish Cypriots living in the UK are continuing their lives whilst trying to preserve their own idendity and culture, which is commendable.”


President Ersin Tatar received officials and players of the London Mixed Football Team who staged a visit to the TRNC to participate in a tournament as part of celebrations commemorating the 39th anniversary of the proclamation of the TRNC.

The President stated during the visit that he is “very happy to welcome and embrace” Turkish Cypriot footballers from London. “The Turkish Cypriots who live in the UK are very much an integral part of the TRNC,” the President said. “Your hearts are with us, and our hearts are with you.”
The President commended officials of the Turkish Community Football Association in bringing the youth together in London and the initiative to play with the TRNC National Team as part of the November 15 Republic Day celebrations.
“This is a very important initiative because it brings our youth together and promotes interaction and sport,” the President added.
President Tatar stated that Turkish Cypriot football clubs in the UK were established to keep the youth together, to develop their football skills, and help keep them away from bad habits. The Stating that there is a significant Turkish Cypriot population in the UK, the President added: “Football is about brotherhood, solidarity and interaction. Your involvement in Turkish based clubs also plays an important role in preserving your culture, identity and love for the TRNC.”
Expressing that great service has been provided for the continuation of the Turkish Cypriot presence, President Tatar thanked those who contributed to the organisation of the tournament that is being held as part of the Republic Day celebrations.
“I cannot emphasise enough the importance that you do not forget your roots and the TRNC, whilst you are continuing to fulfil your work and other commitments in the UK. As someone who lived in the UK for many years, I appreciate this is not easy to do. Your ancestors emigrated from here and built their lives there. It is our greatest wish to strengthen the bond between Turkish Cypriot youth of the TRNC and those in the UK. It is very important for the Turkish Cypriot people to be able to continue their lives and preserve their identity and culture. Turkish Cypriots made history here. Our story of resistance is a source of pride for all of us. You are the son of such a people. Never forget your Turkish Cypriot identity,” President Tatar said, as he wished the football teams success.