President Ersin Tatar receives the President of the Cyprus Business People Association (İŞAD) Enver Mamülcü and his accompanying delegation

In his speech during the meeting, President Tatar stated that the country is governed under extraordinary conditions because of the pandemic and there are negatives impacts of this issue such as increased spending on health sector. The President however said the process in protecting health is well managed.

Drawing attention to the fact that TRNC is a safe place to live, President Tatar emphasized that the TRNC can be a centre of attraction for foreigners. The President stated that they are confident about the future and also underlined the importance of the messages given by President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who had visited the island on the occasion of 15th November Republic Day of the TRNC.  

By means of this visit and the messages given, President Tatar noted that it was announced to the world that the understanding of cooperation between two states co-existing side by side on the basis of sovereign equality can be a part of the solution. The President highlighted the support given by the Republic of Turkey.  

Stating that “all these have strengthened the ground of the TRNC”, President Tatar added that the status of the TRNC has increased with the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and it has an important role in the Blue Homeland. All these economic developments are the bearer of good developments for investors in the business world, he added.  

Noting that the Varosha opening has an important potential for the future of the TRNC, President Tatar expressed his belief that the TRNC will have important developments after the pandemic. Drawing attention to the importance of preparing the ground for these developments and taking positions by the business world, President Tatar wished success to the İŞAD administration in their work.