President Ersin Tatar receives Turkish Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan and her accompanying delegation

The Turkish Minister of Trade, Ruhsar Pekcan, said Turkey will continue to act in solidarity with the TRNC during her meeting with President Ersin Tatar at the Office of the Presidency.

Speaking during the visit, Mrs Pekcan stated that they will continue to stand by the TRNC, adding that they want to make evaluations on the joint steps that can be taken for the development of mutual trade and economy and the export of North Cyprus products to international markets. Pointing out that there are opportunities for entrepreneurship in TRNC, Mrs Pekcan stated that they will work for the realisation of diverse investments and to overcome the barriers to access the markets with ease – which she said could be achieved with joint cooperation. “We are ready to contribute with all efforts to bring this to fruition,” she said. 

President Tatar, expressing his deep sorrow for the eleven martyrs and two injured Turkish soldiers  following the military helicopter crash in Turkey, referred to UN Security Council Resolution 186 that was passed on March 4, 1964, which enabled the Greek Cypriot controlled Republic of Cyprus to become the sole representative of the whole island despite the forced ejection of the Turkish Cypriots from the state organs and the atrocities that occurred during that period.

“This resolution is unjust and it is the root cause of the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots which has become the primary reason why the Greek Cypriots are refusing to share the power and prosperity of the island with the Turkish Cypriots,” President Tatar said.

“We are defending our rights against this great injustice together with the Republic of Turkey, which is providing guidance and showing solidarity with us. We have come a long way,” he added.

President Tatar said that the TRNC, which is a tourism island, is experiencing “great difficulties” due to the effects emanating from the pandemic. “The quarantine process has also played a significant part in adding to the economic difficulties,” he added. “It is my belief that with an effective vaccination programme and the subsidence of the current pandemic, the locomotive sectors will over a period of time replenish to their old dimensions.” 

Explaining that the “way ahead shall become clearer following the passing of the pandemic period,” President Tatar said that the Turkish Cypriots has “strong bonds of affection” for the Motherland and Guarantor country which is the most powerful country in the eastern Mediterranean region.  He added that the “stance of TRNC has been strengthened with the increasing political and economic ties with Turkey’.

President Tatar underlined the importance of protecting the security of the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey in the Blue Homeland, which is why putting forward the policy for sovereign equality of two neighbouring States, coexisting side-by-side in a cooperative relationship is so important. 

“It is necessary to reach a just, lasting and sustainable agreement in Cyprus” President Tatar said, adding that “Turkey has historical ties and rights in Cyprus. She has roots here. We are the children of the same nation. Therefore, Turkish Cypriots are not alone. We are explaining this to every visitor who comes here.” 

 President Tatar said that they are working to “further the prosperity of the Turkish Cypriot people and to secure a good future,” adding: “The whole world is talking about our new policy and this new vision will be carried to the five-plus-UN informal meeting that will be held in Geneva.” 

“The protection of our national interests in this geography compels us to put forward this policy,” President Tatar said, adding that many opportunities for a settlement failed due to the intransigent approach of the Greek Cypriot side – which was seen in the past like the Annan Plan.

President Tatar said that the most important factor in developing the economy is to ‘have faith and to believe in the State’ adding that he “can state without hesitation that the support by the Republic of Turkey will continue.” 

President Tatar thanked Turkish Minister of Trade, Ruhsar Pekcan and her delegation, for their visit.