President Ersin Tatar receives UN Senior Official Jane Holl Lute

President Ersin Tatar received the UN Senior Official Jane Holl Lute at the Office of the Presidency on Monday, as part of the preparatory work for the five-plus-UN informal meeting to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, between April 27-29.

The one-and-a-half our meeting was attended by members of the negotiating team and a delegation accompanying Ms Lute.

President Tatar held a press conference following the meeting, where he stated:

“We had another productive meeting with Ms Jane Holl Lute.    As it is known, the five-plus-UN informal meeting, which has been approved by all sides, will be held in Geneva, Switzerland between April 27-29.

Ms Lute has been in communication with all sides concerned and has afforded great effort to organize this meeting. We have expressed our appreciation to Ms Lute and thanked her for her efforts. We spoke about the details and the technicalities and modalities in relation to the five-plus-UN informal meeting in today’s meeting.

I explained to Ms Lute that, as the Turkish Cypriot side, we are sincerely and constructively preparing for the five-plus-UN informal meeting on the basis of the vision, which is fully supported by Motherland Turkey, and we emphasised that our expectation is for the Greek Cypriot side and Greece to attend the meeting in the same spirit.

We explained to Ms Lute that what we need in the matter of Cyprus is not insisting on the same collapsing basis but for new approaches which will contribute to peace and stability in our region.  We reiterated that our vision, which includes a cooperation model based on the sovereign equality and equal international status of two States, will enable us to achieve this goal with the win-win principle.