President Ersin Tatar responds to Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades: “If he wishes to see an arrogant person, he should look in the mirror”

President Ersin Tatar responded to the claims made by the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiadis in his Easter message. President Tatar's statement is as follows:

“Whilst the proposal we presented at the five-plus-UN informal meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on 27-29 April, for a solution based on the cooperation of two equal sovereign States attracted a lot of interest, the Greek Cypriot side is trying to deceive the world public opinion by conducting a black propaganda based on lies and slander. We saw the last example of this in the Easter message published by Greek Cypriot Administration leader Anastasiadis who is associated with the massacres. Anastasiadis spew up his anger and grudge, even in a religious message.

Anastasiadis revealed his anachronistic and domineering mentality by making a call to the Turkish Cypriot people and showed the arrogance of insulting our people by calling them his “citizens”.    The World and Anastasiades should know that the Turkish Cypriot people are not a minority community of the Greek Cypriot side.  Turkish Cypriot people are citizens of the free and sovereign TRNC. 

As well as calling the Greek Cypriot people and their allies and the extensions within us to "fight together," Anastasiadis showed the TRNC and Turkey as a target and has demonstrated once again how far they are from dialogue and reconciliation.

Whilst Anastasiadis evaluated my proposal based on the cooperation of two sovereign States in Geneva as "an arrogance of those who dream of a new Ottoman Empire", my answer to Anastasiadis is to look in the mirror and see who the arrogant person is. We are proud to be Turks, the grandchildren and children of the Ottomans who conquered Cyprus in 1571 and made it a Turkish homeland. My proposal based on the cooperation of the two equal sovereign States, which I brought to the negotiating table, is the will of the majority of the Turkish Cypriot people and is also supported by Turkey, the largest and most powerful country in the region.

The Turkish is demanding respect for equal status and sovereignty -- which is our inherent right in Cyprus. Anastasiadis has confirmed his conviction to defend the Hellenism of Cyprus, praised the terrorist organisation EOKA and suggests that we become pathed onto the ‘Republic of Cyprus’ with privileged rights, as a minority. If there is insolence, this is certainly it.

Anastasiadis also bluntly told a lie that the solution model based on two sovereign equal States that I brought to the negotiating table in Geneva "is against the will of the majority of the Turkish Cypriot people", and he seems to have forgotten the results of the Presidential election held on October 18 in the TRNC. My advice to Anastasiadis is to look at these election results once again and see that the Turkish Cypriot people have elected me as President, because of my policy and vision for a solution model that is based on two sovereign equal States.

In his statement, Anastasiadis  tried to hide behind the UN Security Council resolutions which were taken with unilateral, unfair and political considerations, saying he "tried to secure the rights and legitimate interests of the Turkish Cypriots", whilst at the same time concealing that the Greek Cypriot Administration committed genocide against the Turkish Cypriot people in the period of 1963-74, that  his people trampled on the human rights and usurped all the legitimate rights of the Turkish Cypriots at gunpoint. The isolations and embargoes that have been imposed on our people for many years are still on-going which are more violation of human rights and our struggle against them continues.

My call to the EU, to whom Anastasiadis has called for assistance "against the Turkish side"; Fulfil the promises made to the Turkish Cypriot people in the Annan Plan referenda and abandon the adoption of the pro-Greek stance.  This is only serving to fuel the Greek Cypriot intransigence and is not in any way helping to facilitate solution efforts.

In pursuance of an empty dream that will never be realised, Anastasiadis also said in his message, that the solution model to be found should include the removal of guarantees and the removal of Turkish soldiers from Cyprus. The active and effective guarantee of Turkey and the presence of the Turkish army in Cyprus are our red lines and it is not possible for us to give them up. 

With the power and support I receive from my people, I put the solution model of two sovereign equal States, which is also supported by Turkey, on the negotiating table in Geneva. This is a milestone putting an end to federal based negotiations, which have been going on unsuccessfully for more than half a century.  This has put a stop to our people being deceived by tales of a federation and to the plans to make us a minority of Greeks Cypriots.

Our proposal, which we put on the negotiating table, is for the benefit of Cyprus and the region and is the most realistic solution. Nevertheless, we see that "monsters with a single tooth" have swung into action and are employing various methods and intensifying their fifth column activities in order to undermine us and to shatter our unity and solidarity. We are indeed prepared for these and have no concern.  Motherland Turkey is with us with all its might and we will continue to walk together on this path. There is no going back from this road."