President Ersin Tatar visited the Cyprus Turkish Co-operative Central Bank

President Ersin Tatar visited the Headquarters of the Cyprus Turkish Co-operative Central Bank (KoopBank).

During the visit, President Tatar described the bank as the “flag ship” of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and recalled that during his tenure as the Minister of Finance and subsequently as Prime Minister, he had carried out important works with the KoopBank.  

Stressing the importance of the Banking Sector in relation to economic growth, President Tatar pointed out that proper management of resources is vital for activities to be pursued for the benefit of the people of TRNC and added that an activity plan is needed for this to be achieved.

“Laws act as guidance and transactions are carried out according to these laws”, President Tatar said, emphasising that “it is important for public resources and the accounts of the people to be managed in the best possible way”.

President Tatar said it is necessary to carry out the activities in safe and stable conditions, adding that despite the huge difficulties that have come about as a result of the pandemic period, government and the Central Bank have been working hard and deferring and restructuring the loans at specific intervals to help tradesmen and business people. He pointed out that the cooperation of the Central Bank and the use of banking laws and other relevant regulations has boosted the trust and confidence of the public in the banking sector. 

The President said that following the end of the pandemic period, there will be a proliferation of new sectors linked to tourism, high education and construction – resulting from external and domestic investments in the country.

President Tatar stated that due to the investments made in the field of health, trust in the health sector has increased and with further development, TRNC will continue to be the centre of attraction.   President Tatar, reiterating the importance of contributions by the banking sector and Central Bank, congratulated the management and employees of the bank and relayed his good wishes for the continuation of their successes.