President Ersin Tatar visits the park that has been named after him 

“Our national struggle is ongoing as we continue our existence in this geography” 


President Ersin Tatar visited a park that has been named after him by the Erdemli Municipality in Türkiye.
The President, who spoke to the press during the visit, stated that despite the plans to do so, an official ceremony was not being held to inaugurate the park because of the funeral that was being held in Mersin for a martyr.  "It is important to show our highest level of respect and gratitude to our martyr," the President added. 

President Tatar underlined the importance of the “special, strong and unbreakable bond” that exists between the TRNC and Republic of Türkiye.

President Tatar expressed the “sadness we are all feeling at the loss of our martyr,” and conveyed his “deepest condolences and sympathies to the family and loved ones of the martyr and to the Turkish nation”.   Stating that the sacrifice shown by veterans “will never be forgotten”, the President conveyed his gratitude and respect to all the soldiers and expressed his gratitude to the veterans. "May all our martyrs rest in eternal peace,” the President said.

Referring to the importance of protecting Blue Homeland and the fourth Turkish drilling ship Abdülhamid Han he had visited, President Tatar said: “Our national struggle is ongoing as we continue our existence in this region.” The President emphasised the “importance of carrying out drilling in the eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea and in the Blue Homeland”. He said there is “full cooperation between the Republic of Türkiye and TRNC with regards to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of both countries in the region”, adding that “this is indeed necessary to maintain our effectiveness and presence that is also based on the changing conjuncture”.   

President Tatar added: “The 20 July 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation was a very important event and turning point. If there is a TRNC State today, if the Turkish Cypriot People exist and are able to live in freedom, if the annexation of the island of Cyprus with Greece was prevented, if there are no more atrocities committed against our people, this is because of the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation, which Türkiye undertook under its obligation as a Guarantor country.”

Underlining that the “issue of sovereignty” is very crucial with regards to the Cyprus issue, the President referred to the attempts by the Greek-Greek Cypriot duo to ethnically cleanse the island from Turkish Cypriot People by either massacring them or forcing them to emigrate between 1963 to 1974. “The attacks on our People were started in 1963 after the Turkish Cypriot People were forced out of the state apparatus with the use of force of arms, even though the Turkish Cypriot people are one of the co-owners of the island. However, our inherent sovereign equality rights cannot be taken away from us,” the President said.

“Even at the most difficult of times, our people never surrendered and vehemently defended their sovereignty, existence, and rights to self-determination in these lands,” the President said.

President Tatar emphasised the importance of protecting the legitimate rights of Türkiye and the TRNC in the eastern Mediterranean, adding: “Cyprus is a very important island in the eastern Mediterranean, and the presence of Turkish Cypriot People is also very important for the security of the Republic of Türkiye.” 

President Tatar added that he was “proud to be present at the park that has been named after me in Erdemli,” and he thanked the mayor, municipality members and the people of the region for their love and hospitality.