President Ersin Tatar's message on 'International Day of Persons with Disabilities” on 3 December:

International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) is an international day observed annually by the United Nations as from 1992, which aims to promote understanding of the issues and difficulties people with disabilities face as well as promoting their rights in the society.

Even though the phrase is not suitable for use in the 21st Century, in view of the fact that it is still used by the official sources, the day designated to understand individuals with special needs and requirements is still celebrated as the “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”.  This term however is not appropriate in these modern times.

Our life stories are all different from each other. Even though we are the citizens of the same country and we grow up in the same territories, the crossroads of life are different for each of us. These differences cause difficulties and obstacles for some of us in life.
There are “individuals with special needs” in our country, as in every part of the world.   Today is an important day for us to remember the facilities that they may need.

Even if it is expressed with the word "obstruction" according to the old literature, the main obstacle is making harder the lives of the individuals with special needs. Obstacles are there to be removed.  And obstacles are the very people who do not provide those with special needs with easier lives.

For this reason, the state, local administrations and of course each of us have great responsibilities.  First of all, we need to adjust our manners in the way we address the “individuals with special needs” and we must show special care in the organisation of services of the municipalities and in all our actions.

 I would like to highlight the word “disabled”, which the name is given to make today a very special day and at the same time I would like to emphasise the difficulties encountered by the individuals. I want to state that with all the means of the Presidency, “we will act together with individuals with special needs to overcome everything that prevent them from living their lives as they wish.”

Today, whilst I am emphasising this, I would like to call on all the member of the society and especially on all the business people: “We must work together to remove all obstacles faced by individuals with special needs, and for this cause, all our means will be at your disposal.”