President Ersin Tatar’s message on Mother’s Day

“In celebration of Mother's Day, I pay tribute to all mothers who teach love, respect, unity, solidarity, sharing, loving homeland who assumes the greatest duty and responsibility in raising future generations.

Our mothers are the symbols of compassion and sacrifice, who play the greatest role in ensuring happiness and peace in the country.

With their patience, tolerance and compassion, mothers are our building blocks that play the most important role in ensuring peace and harmony in social life.

We are the children of a tradition that regards mothers as being the most precious jewel in the crown, and that sees motherhood as the highest rank in the world.

With these thoughts and feelings, we celebrate the day of our mothers who have devoted their lives to their families who deserve the greatest respect and love.    I also pay tribute to all our mothers who have passed and who are in the hereafter, with mercy and gratitude."