President Ersin Tatar’s spouse Sibel Tatar spoke at the “Zero Waste Project” event and said: “Tatlısu has become an exemplary region in the entire TRNC as a pilot region”

Under the auspices of the First Lady, Sibel Tatar, the “Zero Waste Project” event was held in Tatlısu.  

The Zero Waste Project, under the auspices of the First Lady, Sibel Tatar, and carried out by the Presidential Environment and Tourism Committee, began with the event held on June 4th, World Environment Day.  

Making a speech at today’s event, Tatlısu Mayor Hayri Orçan stated that with the support of the Presidency, the Project, in which the glass breaking and recycling machine and waste separation boxes were supplied, attracted great interest from the people of Tatlısu.  

Orçan stated that the Project, in which objects representing dwarf elephants and Mediterranean seals that lived on our island 10-15 thousand years ago, were placed on the streets and beaches of Tatlısu is an exemplary project. Orçan emphasized the importance of the Project for the future and underlined that the collected separated wastes will be reused and will benefit the economy.  

Orçan thanked Sibel Tatar, the First Lady, who lead the Project and Prof. Dr. Özge Özden, Scientist Prof. Dr. Salih Gücel and all stakeholders and participants.  

In her speech at the event, Sibel Tatar shared her excitement about launching the Zero Waste Project in the pilot region Tatlısu. “This Project is the Project of all of us,” she added.  

Stating that they created the “Zero Waste Project” by keeping the bar high, Sibel Tatar said that their aim is to bring Tatlısu to zero waste as an exemplary region. Pointing out that they are progressing towards that aim step by step with the contribution of Tatlısu Municipality, Sibel Tatar said that she has no doubt that the deficiencies will also be completed.  

Pointing to the importance of keeping the environment clean in Tatlısu, which is one of the most beautiful regions of our region, Sibel Tatar added that she is confident that the Project will achieve its goal with the contributions of Tatlısu residents.