President Tatar answers questions about matters in the news as the first guest of Ses Cyprus Web TV, which has just started broadcasting

Congratulating Ses Cyprus Web TV and wishing success, President Ersin Tatar expressed his belief that the channel will raise the voice of the TRNC and contribute to the struggle of the Turkish Cypriot people.

Underlining the recent increase in Covid-19 cases especially in South Cyprus, the President emphasised the importance of continuing measures to protect the public health and drew attention to the need for citizens to comply with the rules.  

The President also stated that in order to control the pandemic, it is essential to be careful and cautious while crossing to the South. 

Noting that the Covid-19 pandemic is successfully managed, President Ersin Tatar added that the public should continue to observe the measures until the vaccine is found. 

The President also stated that the Communicable Diseases High Committee should not take decisions on the process alone, but work in harmony with the government.  

President Tatar also responded to the allegations that 900 Million TL spent to eliminate the trouble in the Water Supply Project was transferred from the TRNC Ministry of Finance.  President Tatar drew attention to the fact that the repairs and maintenance are done with the support of Turkey. 

Regarding the issue of Maraş (Varosha), President Tatar stated that "loss of use" cannot be the primary principle regarding properties in Maraş and stated that the decisions regarding properties in Maraş will be addressed through the Immovable Property Commission (IPC), which provides an effective domestic legal remedy and recognised by the European Court of Human Rights. He added that as the properties in the area have not been allocated,  adding that priority will be given to the restitution of the properties. 
President Tatar also stated that legislation needs to be passed to create funding for the IPC. Indicating that a new financial protocol of 2.5 billion TL will be signed with Turkey in 2021, he said that there may be a change in the amount according to the need after the passing of the budget by the Parliament. The President emphasised that the course of the economy will shape the net amount of the aid. 
In answer to a question, President Tatar emphasised that the TRNC is getting stronger due to its strategic position in the Eastern Mediterranean and that this is a success of the Turkish Cypriot people.
Answering another question about a possible visit to Azerbaijan, the President said that the date of the visit has not been fully clarified and that Turkey is still continuing her contacts for a possible visit to Azerbaijan.