President Tatar participates in ceremony commemorating the 2nd anniversary of death of former Prime Minister İrsen Küçük

President Ersin Tatar participated in the ceremony commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the death of İrsen Küçük, who was the founding parliamentary member of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, former Prime Minister and former leader of the National Unity Party.

The ceremony was held at his graveside at the Lefkoşa State Cemetery, which was attended by family members and loved ones.

President Tatar said that İrsen Küçük was a patriotic figure who embraced all sections of the community, adding: “İrsen Küçük was the nephew of Turkish Cypriot leader, Dr. Fazıl Küçük, and he carried the renowned family surname, resolutely serving the community in different fields, and he was an important politician.”

The President added that İrsen Küçük was also an Erenköy freedom fighter, and served in important offices and attributed great services to the Turkish Cypriots, as a Parliamentarian, the Minister of Agriculture and Prime Minister.

President Tatar said that İrsen Küçük had gained experience when serving in the State Water Works Authority in Kayseri, Turkey, and had later greatly contributed to the undersea pipeline project which enabled the TRNC people to embrace fresh water of Anatolia.  The President said that the Turkish Cypriot people “will continue to live in security and prosperity which was always the desire and objective of İrsen Küçük,” he said.

The President said that alongside his political career that was filled with successes, İrsen Küçük was a loving and caring husband, a father and a grandfather, adding that the name and legacy of İrsen Küçük will always be remembered.